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Are You Telling God He Has A Wrong Number

Bill Hood

January 20, 2016 Alternate Reading Plans Chronological Order: Genesis 22–23 Old Testament Only: Genesis 41 New Testament Only: Matthew 13:18–35 […]

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They’re Your Kids; Train’em Up

Bill Hood

Guys, we cannot leave the spiritual development of our children to the public schools or even our Sunday schools. The job is ours to do and we cannot abdicate nor be delinquent in our charge. Let us be faithful like Abraham and see to the spiritual welfare of our families!

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A Half-Truth Is Still A Lie

Bill Hood

If you are a child of the King, lying should really bother you and I don’t just mean lying by the world’s standards. I mean by God’s standards. If it doesn’t, we need to talk.

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You Are A Child Of The King!

Bill Hood

Yes we have a lot of work to do and it won’t be done until Christ returns, but remember that we are children of the King! We are children of the living God! We are brothers in Christ! When God, the proud Papa flips out his wallet and shows off his kids there is a picture of you!

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What Kind of Man Are You?

Bill Hood

This is a recurring problem throughout the history of manhood; manly passivity; a lack of spiritual leadership. The serpent offered the fruit from the forbidden tree but did Adam say “No dear, we are not going to do this”? Nope. He didn’t speak up to stop the snake in his tracks, and when his wife told him to eat the fruit he did. Did God say “Okay, you’re off the hook since your wife told you to do it”? Nope.

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Has Your Tower Come Crashing Down?

Bill Hood

Are you building a Tower of Babel in your own life. Are you out there doing your own thing expecting God to bless it? Do you only run to Him when your towers come crashing down around you? If so you are not in right relationship with God.

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Water Won’t Cleans You

Bill Hood

Noah and the flood are part of the story God is telling us. We cannot make external changes to our environment and be made right with Him. The problem has always been the condition of our heart. We want to be in charge. We want to be God or at least be able to create God in our own image. We want all of creation to be about us. We are selfish and all sin originates in that truth about human nature. If we want to be made right with God there is only one way; His way; The Way.

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What’s In Your Heart?

Bill Hood

Adam and Eve’s first born is Cain and he has a heart problem (I don’t mean cardiac, I mean his desires). As we discover he carries anger and resentment in his heart. There is a lot of debate about why God accepted Abel’s offering but rejected Cain’s. It seems to me God is clearly rejecting Cain’s offering due to the condition of his heart.

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Where Is Your Treasure?

Bill Hood

I hope to grow into the man God created me to be. Foundational to that aspiration is my relationship with God. If I don’t spend time with God I cannot have a right, loving relationship with Him. I must make God my treasure, my highest priority, for it is then that my heart is with my savior. It is then that I am fulfilling my purpose and laying the foundation of the man God created me to be.

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August 14, 2015: Reading Plans & Commentary

Bill Hood

Reading Plans Bible Order: Jeremiah 5:1–7:29 Chronological Order: Jeremiah 23-25 Old Testament Only: Psalms 29–32 New Testament Only: Romans 4 […]

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