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Reignite The Fire

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Stand Against Evil In Love

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Rejoice! Light Has Come Into The World!

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start laying bricks

Man by man they did the work God called them to do, and the wall got built. That is our job today. Shame on us for leaving the building of God’s kingdom to politicians and pastors. Doing so has been a complete abdication of our responsibilities before God. It’s time we stood up, took our part of the wall and started laying bricks!

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Shepherd's Purse

A while back, I came across a picture of a seed named “Shepherd’s Purse” and thought it was just a wonderful analogy. The hope I have is in what Jesus said, that no one that the Father placed in His hand will be lost. A purse is a container one uses to keep one’s valuables safe.

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Satan is the father of lies. He whispered in the ear of Eve, and he has whispered in the ears of men ever since. The cure for lies is The Truth!

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God has always maintained a group of people through whom He would reveal Himself. That group is referred to as the remnant and you, as a Christian, are part of it.

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seek God's will

If Jehovah is God, then we need to seek His will rather than seeking God’s blessing for our will. Oh, I know we love God, but are we in right relationship with Him? Do we put His will first in our lives? Running off to do our own thing says that our will comes first in our lives. This means we have put an idol before God – ourselves. No good can come from this.

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chicken or the egg

You see, doing good deeds, acts of faith, do not save you. The will of the Father is that your heart be in right relationship with Him. When your heart is in right relationship, doing great and mighty deeds in His name will be a natural result, but the deeds that matter come after conversion of the heart. The egg of a changed heart comes before the chicken of good deeds.

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restoring the temple

Hezekiah made it clear that Judah was in ruin because of the sins of their fathers; they had turned away from God, and defiled His temple and themselves. It was Hezekiah’s chosen mission to return Judah to right relationship with God, and that mission started with cleansing.

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proud to his destruction

The body of a person who has lain in a coma for an extended period of time will see their muscles atrophy. That is the muscles will begin to waste away from lack of use. You ever hear the term “use it or lose it”? There is validity to that phrase both in the physical realm as well as the spiritual realm. Have you ever gone through a period in your life where you aren’t reading your Bible, you aren’t praying, and you aren’t having fellowship with believers through regular church attendance? If you have, did you feel God’s presence in your life? I have done all of the above, and the answer is no.

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Sanitary Life

We cannot control others, but we can control ourselves. Such control includes controlling which influences we allow into our lives. Don’t allow yourself to be drawn away from God. You will face filth as you take Christ into a filthy world, but keep it outside your spiritual body.

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Stand Firm

Jesus told us the world would hate us. There is no question we are outnumbered in a lost and dying world. In our own strength and wisdom, we are powerless against the Lost; we can’t possibly know what to do. If, however, we keep our eyes on Christ, if we keep our minds on His Word, He will guide us and reveal His power through us. We must remain attached to the vine if we hope to withstand the great horde. We must stand firm.

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