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There is a map that shows the way to spiritual maturity. That map is called the Bible. If a man desires to grow in right relationship with God he must begin by truly submitting his life to Christ. This entails confession of one’s sins to God along with a deep, heartfelt desire to sin no more. It is more than simply accepting Christ’s gift of salvation; His shed blood upon the cross. It includes submitting to His authority over your life. Don’t worry if you don’t think you can keep from sinning. If you desire forgiveness, truly repent of your sin, and submit to the Lordship of Jesus, He will help you defeat sin in your life.

Once you’ve laid the foundation of your spiritual life firmly on Jesus Christ, you begin a life-long process of discovering who you are in Christ. The old you is dead. You are a new creature. You just don’t know much about who you are now. That’s where the Bible comes in. You are on a journey of discovery. It is a bumpy journey full of ups and downs, pitfalls and tremendous heights. You need something to help you navigate this new life safely and to grow into spiritual adulthood. The Bible does that.

Jesus said that if anyone wished to come after Him they must deny themselves and take up their cross daily to do so (Luke 9:23). The key here is the word “daily”. Reading your Bible every day helps remind you of who and whose you are. It reminds you that you are not alone and that you are different from the masses of lost humanity that surround you. To get to where you are going you have to remember where you are and your destination. Daily Bible reading helps you do that. So, click on one of the reading plans below and start reading where ever you want to start; January 1 or today’s date. If you miss a day, don’t quit! Catch up or pick up on the current day. The point is to be in the Word of God every day. The secondary goal is to read through the entire Bible.

Each reading plan provides a date and a Scripture reference. If you click on the Scripture reference you will be taken to where you will find the day’s text. In the upper left menu is a “Listen” button. If you don’t want to read the Bible you can have it read to you! Anyway, thanks for joining this expedition!