Tuesday, March 21 2023


Brothers Of The Book

Spiritual mentoring, guidance, and encouragement for the Christian man.

Life is full of responsibilities, distractions, and temptations. Often we Christian men have a nagging feeling that our spiritual life isn’t what it should be. This can cause us to feel like a failure and even a poser in terms of godly manhood. We can even begin to wonder whether or not we are saved.

Most of us hunger to be the man God intends us to be. We have a desire to escape the darkness of worldly life and live in an uninterrupted “mountain top” existence in right relationship with God.

Brothers of the book has been guiding men toward godly manhood since 2010 with a simple plan – a spiritual growth road-map if you will. It all begins with daily time in God’s word. Here are the steps you need to take to begin the process of maturing in Christ.

  1. Sign up for the daily Bible reading email.
  2. Schedule a time with yourself to read the Bible every day.
  3. Follow the map:
  • PRAY – prepare your mind & heart
  • READ – read the Scripture for the day
  • WRITE – comment online or in a journal what God revealed to you

Come on. Join the expedition! Live victorious! Leave the spiritual desert behind!

ABout The Author And Publisher

Bill Hood

Bill Hood

My name is Bill Hood and I am a sinner saved by grace.  I have little to recommend myself as an author or as the publisher of this blog other than my desire to become the man God created me to be and to call other men to join me on that journey.  I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of 13 but have struggled, as we all do, to realize the full potential of the new creature God made me at that moment.

Beyond that, I have, over the years, taught an adult Sunday School class, led a Men’s Ministry, and worked with a boys organization within our church.  For 12 years, I was an unpaid, part-time member of my church ministry team responsible for outreach and discipleship.

Professionally, I am a writer a speaker and an entrepreneur. I am currently employed by a financial services company as a Sales & Marketing “jack of all trades” helping our sales teams with presentations, developing what we call “end user marketing” videos and collateral, and presenting at various live and online educational conferences.