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Brothers Of The Book is a blog dedicated to getting Christian men into the Word of God on a daily basis.  It is only through a daily discipline of spending time with our creator in His Word, and in prayer, that we have any hope of growing into the men God created us to be.  (Of course this statement presupposes you have already accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior.)

You want to be a “good man”?   Get in the Word.  You want to be a “good husband”?  Get in the Word.  You want to be a “good father”? Get in the Word.  It all starts with our relationship with God and we can’t have a relationship with someone we never, or rarely, spend time with.

This blog offers four different reading plans: 1) Bible Order, which will take you on a daily reading plan from the start of Genesis straight through to the end of Revelation in one year; 2) Chronological, which will take you on a daily reading plan through the Bible in chronological order in one year (This means you will be jumping around a bit and will at times even reading passages from a couple of different books in one day); 3) Old Testament, which will take you on a daily reading plan through just the Old Testament in one year; and 4) New Testament, which will take you on a daily reading plan through just the New Testament in one year.

You can click on the menu bar at the top of the page to go directly to your desired reading plan. Simply click on the Scripture reference for any given day and you will be taken to the ESV translation of that specific Scripture on www.esvbible.org. From there you can simply read the day’s Scripture or, if you prefer to have it read to you, you can click on the “Listen” button on the top left of the page and it will be read to you! (Make sure your speakers are on.)

Additionally, the author of this blog will provide a daily post which will contain the Scripture reading for each plan for that day along with commentary based on the Bible study of the blog author. The fastest way to get to your Scripture reading for the day is to look for it in the daily post. The full year reading plans tend to be helpful if you get behind and want to catch up.

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In previous years the author read along with one of the various plans and commented upon that day’s Scripture. This year the author will be taking his time reading through and studying various books of the Bible. This is intended to be a deeper review of the material and will not be tied to an attempt to read through a certain amount of Scripture in one year.

The commentary provided by the author is NOT intended to be “authoritative” but rather the humble thoughts of a brother in Christ as he wrestles with God’s Word. Respond to these thoughts or share your own as the Spirit leads you. Agree, disagree, add your own thoughts and join in the conversation. This is intended to be a group of men holding each other accountable, in a virtual way, to reading the Bible. Don’t be shy!

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Please share any reading recommendations you might have to offer.  There is a recommended reading page available for your consideration.  It is an Amazon.com store front and this blog does receive a “commission” on anything bought through that link.

About the Author and Publisher

Bill Hood

My name is Bill Hood and I am a sinner saved by grace.  I have little to recommend myself as an author or the publisher of this blog other than my desire to become the man God created me to be and to call other men to join me on that journey.  I accepted Christ as my Savior at the age of 13 but have struggled, as we all do, to realize the potential of the new creature God made me at that moment.

Beyond that, I have, in the not too distant past, taught an adult Sunday School class, led a Men’s Ministry, and worked with a boys organization within our church.  I am currently an unpaid, part-time member of my church ministry team responsible for outreach and discipleship. Professionally, I am employed by a financial services company as a “jack of all trades” helping our sales teams with presentations, developing what we call “end user marketing” videos and collateral, and presenting at various educational conferences. Basically, whatever the team needs me to do, I do.

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