Sunday, January 29 2023
that no human being may boast

That No Human Being May Boast

Bill Hood

God chose what is foolish, weak, low, and despised in the world to shame the wise, the strong, the powerful so that no human being may boast.

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truth always defeats

Truth Always Defeats A Lie

Bill Hood

Christian men, the world will hate you because you stand for a truth that proves the Lost live a lie. Have no fear. The truth always defeats a lie.

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Are you like Jesus?

Are You Like Jesus?

Bill Hood

Are you like Jesus? If you are in Christ, then you have been remade in His image. Of course, you need to discover what that means and how that looks.

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turn the world upside down

Turn The World Upside Down

Bill Hood

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be accused by unbelievers of completely changing this world? Are you ready to turn the world upside down?

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crucified flesh

Crucified Flesh

Bill Hood

In Christ we have the fruits of the spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. We also have crucified flesh.

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Who is the pilot of your life?

Who Is The Pilot

Bill Hood

Some people want to fly the plane of their life with Jesus, as their copilot, there to help them go where they want. Who is the pilot of your life?

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I hope it hurts

I Hope It Hurts

Bill Hood

A Christian knows they are saved if when they commit a sin it hurts. When you stumble in sin I hope it hurts a lot for by that pain I know you are saved.

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what do you want?

What Do You Want?

Bill Hood

When you don’t get what you ask for in prayer the problem isn’t with God it is with you, it is with what you want. So let me ask you, what do you want?

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right relationship with God

Right Relationship With God

Bill Hood

Are you living your life as if you are your own god, or are you living your life in right relationship with God? Only one way of living leads to Heaven.

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beyond salvation

Beyond Salvation?

Bill Hood

Should we refuse to share the Gospel with those we deem beyond salvation? Who are we to decide something of such magnitude? God decides, we obey.

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