Sunday, January 29 2023

Bible Reading for: January 10

Job 20–21

Comparing the things of this world with those of Heaven is like comparing trinkets and treasure.

In today’s reading Zophar expresses the idea that the wicked may do well for a time but they will eventually suffer for their wickedness. Job points out that there are many examples of people that reject God living a wonderfully luxuriant life in which they never experience a bit of trouble. Again, these guys keep expecting blessings and curses based on worldly standards. They seem to have a minimal understanding of eternity. God’s greatest blessings are to be found in eternity, not in this perverted world. That does not mean that God won’t bless us in this world nor that He won’t punish us for wrong doing – He will.

I don’t discipline other people’s children and neither does God. I believe that if one lives contrary to the way God intended human beings to live, they will suffer the inevitable consequences of having done so. This is true in a spiritual and physical sense. God did not intend man to smoke. He did not construct man in such a way as to accommodate smoking. When we smoke, we do damage to our lungs. Any number of diseases can arise from smoking. If you are a smoker, and you develop one of these diseases, is it because God is punishing you? What if you smoked 5 packs of cigarettes a day for 60 years and never developed so much as a cough, did God bless you? I don’t think so.

God may choose to punish those that have rejected Him in this world or He may choose not to. They will face an eternal consequence, but that is of little comfort to those that wish to see the wicked punished and the good blessed NOW. It doesn’t work that way and we should not expect that it will. There are those in this world whom God chose before the foundations of the world to be His adopted children. The remaining human beings are not His adopted children but they are still His creation and as Creator He has every right to do with them as He pleases. He has every right to do as He pleases with you as well for that matter.

The Bible is clear, we are to seek Him first, and when we do, blessings will come our way. There may or may not be blessings in this world, but there will certainly be blessings in the next. The thing is, when we seek Him first, the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace. When we seek Him first, we seek eternal blessings, and what this world has to offer seems meaningless.

Jesus told the story of the fellow who found a treasure of great price in a field. That man reburied the treasure, ran and sold everything he had, and then bought that field. Everything he had once held precious was meaningless once he got a look at a real treasure. In Jesus Christ, you and I got a glimpse of that kind of treasure. Have we responded the same way? Have the riches of this world dimmed in our eyes? Are we willing to eagerly leave behind all we once held dear to purchase that eternal treasure beyond measure?

Brothers, let us not cling to the junk of our former, wasted lives. Let us let go of the trinkets and grab hold of the treasure! We already possess the greatest of treasures. Let’s start living like it!

Vivere Victorem! (Live Victorious!)

Your brother and servant in Christ,

Dying to self, living to serve!

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Old Testament Only: Genesis 23–24
New Testament Only: Matthew 7:21–8:13


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