Monday, January 30 2023

Bible Reading for: June 10

Job 29-31

It’s easy to be filled with pride, but when we consider who we are before a Holy God, it all crumbles to dust. God’s glory teaches us our need to be humble.

I found the following verses of particular interest.

Job 29:21-23 ESV
“Men listened to me and waited
and kept silence for my counsel.
After I spoke they did not speak again,
and my word dropped upon them.
They waited for me as for the rain,
and they opened their mouths as for the spring rain.”

Remember that Job’s problem is his confidence in himself to be right with God; pride, the root sin at the heart of self-centeredness.  I read the verses above and I thought of myself.  I have an ego.  I like to have others think well of me and my words.  When others seem interested in what I think or have to say, I feel good about myself.

I was meeting with my boss and a co-worker some time ago and they really puffed me up about the work I had been doing.  I swelled with pride at their praise.  What a puny man I am.  We all should be able to give and accept compliments.  My problem is my heart.  I desire that kind of praise, and in the midst of it I am focused solely on myself.  It is like a drug and I lose all sense of reality.  The reality is, I am a miserable sinner, saved by grace.  There is no good thing in me.  My intelligence and ability are but nothing compared to the wisdom and ability of God.  I am only that which God has made me, and only a shadow of what He intended since my pride and self-centeredness diminish even that.

Guys, I am not putting myself down, and I am not being too hard on myself.  Pride is a weak spot for me; a place that Satan aims his darts.  I must remember that I am a child of the King, but that any good in me is His.  I can rejoice that I have Him in my heart, but that heart should always remember the source of that good.

I don’t know if what I’m trying to say is coming through.  We do not need to go around kicking ourselves at all times.  We must go around acknowledging God in everything we do, and in every blessing we receive.  We cannot, like Job, allow a blind spot like pride to lead us to ruin.

I will continue to work on my weak spot by acknowledging that all that I am, and all good that flows from me, comes from Him, my Savior, my Lord.  I will learn to accept a compliment graciously, but I will not allow myself to believe that any accolade that comes my way is due me in and of myself.  What about you?

Vivere Victorem! (Live Victorious!)

Your brother and servant in Christ,

Dying to self, living to serve!

Alternate Reading Plans
Chronological Order: Proverbs 19-21
Old Testament Only: 2 Kings 23:21–25:30
New Testament Only: John 12:37–50


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