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The Bible doesn’t actually say “thou shall not kill”, though some translations have rendered the Hebrew word for murder that way. The Hebrew word used in this case actually is better translated “thou shall not murder” which clearly makes a distinction between the death of the guilty and the death of the innocent.

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Men, we have to do our best to protect our families from the influence of a filthy society. We have to drive out the sinful ways of our society so they are not barbs in our eyes and thorns in our sides and so they shall not trouble us in our homes where we dwell. To allow that pernicious and insidious influence to continue in our homes is nothing but trouble and will lead to eternal harm.

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Our society has become almost indifferent to casual promises. We’ve all come to expect our politicians to break their word almost as quickly as their word leaves their mouth. What I don’t think we realize is that we are often guilty of the same behavior.

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Too often I think we look at a mentoring relationship as a one-way street. Being a mentor is a big responsibility. It forces us to behave in a way worthy of emulation. It requires that we observe the one being mentored and encouraging them, and at times perhaps forcing them, at the right moment in their development, to take the next step. By the same token leadership can be a heavy burden and it is awfully nice to have someone to help shoulder the load and encourage you to keep on keeping on.

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Phinehas, enraged at the blatant disrespect for God and the congregation, immediately put an end to the affront. God made it clear that Phinehas saved the congregation from further discipline. As the spiritual leaders in our house I would hope that we wouldn’t allow our families to get so far out of alignment that drastic measures would be required. Today, we don’t kill people that violate God’s commandments, nor should we. We should not abuse those under our charge for their rebellion against God either. But we should establish an understanding within our homes that rebellion against God will not be tolerated.

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Balaam wanted to curse Israel if he could since this would be a very lucrative deal for him. In reading about Balaam, you initially get a feeling that Balaam is a godly man since he inquires of the Lord what he is to do. But if Balaam is obeying God why is the angel trying to kill him for going to Balak after God told him he was to go?

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Do you notice how mankind continues to create false gods to whom they can give credit for the actions of the one true God? You see, if man creates a god, then man can control that god and have him do and be whatever he wants; instead of a puppet on a string you get a god on a string. Let’s be straight about something, all healing has its source in the One True God.

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Fellas, let us not attempt to elevate ourselves. Let us come before God with a thankful and humble heart. Let us take on with joy the task our Lord has given each of us in the body of Christ. You have already been set apart as a special person in Him. Rejoice in that for that’s pretty good; don’t you think?

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So, what is God telling us here? He is telling us that to ignore His commandments and directions is to choose a spiritual desert and to condemn your children to wander it with you. Ouch! I don’t know about you but one of the ways I disobey God is to allow myself to get too busy to “hear” Him. If I get busy I find I don’t have time to be in His word and in prayer. If I don’t listen, I can’t hear; if I can’t hear I can’t be held responsible for not obeying, right? My daughter pulled that one on me all the time. It didn’t work. I kept escalating until I got her attention. God does the same.

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The grumbling and complaining in the camp robbed the Israelites of their joy in the Lord. It damaged their relationship with God and resulted in some painful consequences. When we do the same we are not hurting God, we are hurting ourselves; we damage our relationship with Him and lose the joy we ought to feel in the blessings He has already given us. When God tells us to do a thing and we think about the obstacles instead of His power we are taking the long road to spiritual maturity. Let’s stop hurting ourselves! Let’s start rejoicing in God’s provision.

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